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  • Sweet Jesus Font
  • Sweet Jesus Font
  • Sweet Jesus Font
  • Sweet Jesus Font
  • Sweet Jesus Font

Version 0.1
**This is a work in progress font**
8 Styles / .OTF File

Sweet Jesus is *currently* an 8-style display family with the beginnings of an 8-style italic companion. With large open counters, sharp angular terminals and serifs, it was designed to be utilized in display sizes for editorial. Bonus points: It can also be put to work at smaller scales. Sweet Jesus slowly evolved into a combination of a humanist hand and Scotch Roman proportions to guide the design into a more modern setting.

This typeface began from a happy accident. During the first week of the TypeParis program, my calligraphy was written with my left hand which presented interesting results. I managed to form round outlines on the outside with sharp corners within the inside counterforms. Corners were formed as the direction of the nib changed. I really enjoyed this characteristic and approached my typeface family with this system and other characteristics in mind.

What's Next for Version 0.2?

  • Reworking those numerals a bit. Lining figures are currently in the works.
  • Adding remaining currency and symbols such as %, , #, § and more.
  • Refining diacritics and other characters like Æ,Ł,Þ,Ŋ and more.
  • Minor tweaking to certain glyphs. May rework Q tail.

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