So, how does this little shop work?

Some fonts are considered In-Progress while others may be Complete. When an update is available, you will receive an email to download the updated font files free of charge. As each font progresses, the price will increase, so be sure to purchase early!

My font purchase seems to be missing certain characters?

The In-Progress fonts are perfectly usable however, they lack some features and perfection. We're all a work in progress aren't we? Fonts sure do take an immense amount of time and I'm stoked to share these with you while in development. Stay tuned for additional updates.

When will I receive the updated font files?

As of now, there is no proper "timeline" for the completion of these In-Progress fonts but they are being worked on! When an update goes live, you'll receive an email to download the updated font files.

I just downloaded the new font files but can’t see the new updates?

Just like your browser, your computer stores cached versions of your font files. Be sure to clear your cache if this issue persits.

Additional questions? Suggestions?

Feel free to reach out about anything else!